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VetSPARK is a woman, veteran-owned for-benefit company dedicated to build a more prosperous and secured nation powered by sunshine.

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My job for more than 20 years was to tell the Navy story. Most of these stories were uplifting and inspiring, but there were two particular stories that were very difficult to tell. Those were the stories that marked my path and inspired my mission today: to advance a prosperous and secure nation powered by sunshine.

In September of 2000, 17 Sailors were killed and 39 were injured in bomb attack to USS Cole while in port in Yemen. The first casualties of what a few years later would be known as the War on Terror, were evacuated to Naval Hospital Portsmouth, where I was serving as a brand-new public affairs officer. In my first encounter with war, it was my responsibility to help communicate to the American public the heroic actions of these Sailors who saved the ship and protected each other. Four years later, two Sailors based in my homeport and one Coast Guardsman were killed by a suicide bomber while providing security to oil terminals in the Arabian Gulf.

These stories convinced me that our nation's prosperity and security are inextricably connected to energy security. VetSPARK is the result of my understanding that today and for the foreseeable future, the most cost efficient way to achieve energy security is by unlocking the full potential of solar--One rooftop at the time.




We believe in Solar with integrity. We believe you need expert advice to ensure your interests and needs- not the installers' or the financing companies' are the primary consideration in every aspect of your solar upgrade.

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