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Energy solutions for your business

VetSPARK helps business owners to secure and lower the cost of their energy supply by upgrading to clean solar energy. First, our experts will work on your behalf to determine requirements, draft designs and bid your project among a nationwide network of pre-screened installers. Next, we evaluate proposals to ensure you get the best solution and the best price. Solar energy with integrity!

Besides securing your energy supply, you receive significant tax benefits that will further reduce your energy cost. With a 30 percent Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on your solar system price and a 50 percent accelerated depreciation in the first year, your system net cost will be about 60 percent less than the contract price. But these incentives will not last long. NOW is the time to go solar!





  • Small business in the U.S. spend more than $60 billion a year in energy costs
  • Energy costs are one of the top three business expenses in 35% of small businesses.
  • Industrial energy needs are projected to grow by 31% during the next 25 years.


The top 20 corporations in America have installed more than 1,000 MW. If they are securing their energy needs, shouldn't you?




While any business will save a fortune by upgrading to solar, these type are more affected by increasing energy prices:

  • Car dealers
  • Restaurants and Bakeries
  • Boutique Hotels and B&B
  • Day Care Centers
  • Food Distribution Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Beer brewers and distributors



Numerous studies point to the fact that top S&P 500 companies that build sustainability into their core strategies are outperforming those that don't. Specifically, corporations that are actively reducing their carbon footprint get an 18% higher return on investment (ROI) than companies that aren’t – and 67% higher than companies who refuse to disclose their emissions.


According to Nielsen, 66 percent of global responders indicated they are willing to pay more for sustainable products or services. This numer is up to 75 percent among Millennials.


There is no question that solar panels of your roof will elevate your reputation among educated and increasingly environmentally conscious audiences.






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