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Is your non-profit or congregation wondering about their environmental stewardship? Are you seeking to be part of the solution to the problems that are devastating our environment?

Environmental stewardship is inherent to the missions and values of most faith-based organizations and non-profits. Furthermore, environmental degradation is a significant factor in exacerbating the problems most non-profits fight so hard, like diseases, famines and natural disasters.

However, on their daily energy consumption, these organizations continue to produce harmful emissions. #GoodStewards is our answer to that paradox. By assisting nonprofits and faith-based organizations lower the cost of their solar upgrade via crowd-funding, corporate donations, and co-op pricing.

Solar in 5 steps

  1. Schedule a FREE solar consultation.
  2. Schedule a solar workshop for members
  3. Compile project requirements
  4. Select installer
  5. Leverage donations and let the sun work for you!

Solar-Smart HOAs

The litigious relationship between Home Owners Associations (HOA) and solar installations is becoming a thing of the past as HOAs boards start recognizing the value of a proactive approach to solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Here are the top ways of how Solar Smart HOAs partnering with reputable local installers can benefit individual homeowners and the entire community:

  1. Increased Property Values: As HOAs pursue their main goal of increasing property values, they have found a formidable partner in solar energy. Multiple studies have found that residential solar PV systems increase property values. Most recently, Berkeley Lab's study of 22,000 home sales around the nation found the price increase of solar-powered homes averaged $4 per watt installed. No other home upgrade comes close to that!
  2. Solicitor Deterrence: Many solar companies recur to door-to-door sales, which are often an annoyance for residents and in some cases pose security risks. Solar Smart HOAs discourage the visits of door-knockers by proactively screening solar installers and informing residents about the coordinated approach.
  3. Co-op Pricing: As residents make informed decisions about their solar upgrades, they can also benefit from the economy of scales. The installer best suited to meet the needs of the community should be able to lower installation costs and pass those savings to homeowners as more homes sign up for solar energy upgrades. The more homes, the lower the price.


  1. Aesthetic Consistency: Solar Smart HOAs are able to select in advance a uniform look that is architecturally consistent with the community. The choices range from module sizes, frame and backing colors, skirts and profiles. Some looks are more effective to blend-in while others can accentuate contemporary styles.
  2. Enhance Community Reputation: Solar Smart HOAs make their communities more desirable by elevating their reputation as green and sustainable neighborhoods. In many states, these communities are acknowledged by prestigious awards, which bring us back to reason #1. For more information about how to become a Solar Smart HOA email

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